Yes, I will attend the 13th edition of the OneLife Investment Forum!



The Forum organised by OneLife is a free B2B event for life insurance intermediaries, notaries, lawyers, consultants and accountants specialised in wealth management and financial planning. OneLife reserves the right to refuse a registration that would not fit the aforementioned target. Thank you for your understanding.




By participating in the event organised by The OneLife Company S.A. (OneLife), you hereby agree to OneLife taking pictures, videos or other reproductions of your image or other personal data concerning you and/or the personnel of the company participating in this event.
You also authorise OneLife to reproduce them or use them in any format and by any means and to broadcast it in any format, either paper or electronic, including without being limited to websites, social medias or newsletters for the purposes of promotion, information, statistical purposes or other purposes. The present authorisation is granted for the entire world and for a duration in alignment with the OneLife Privacy Policy.

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